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About Us

About "The Warehouse"
In 1971, a group of Car Dealers envisioned a company that would supply parts, supplies and services to the dealership's various departments. Their objective was to control costs and increase profits. Warehouse Distributors (WDI) was created with these goals in mind

Has it been Successful?
We currently have 74 Dealer Shareholders with annual sales approaching $7 million. In our 38 years of existence, WDI has paid out more than $7 million in dividends. The value of a share of stock has increased over 800% during the same period.

The goals of the founding dealers remain our goals today. The primary function of WDI is to increase the profitability of its Shareholders. This is accomplished by offering superior products and services at reduced costs. By combining the purchasing power of all our Shareholders, we are able to negotiate "bulk" pricing from our vendors.

We also have drop ship agreements with many suppliers that reduce the work load of your personnel by consolidating invoices, checks and salesmen into just one.....WDI.

Reasons for Success

  • Ownership
    • Dealers own WDI
  • Return Investment 
    • Dividends    
  • One Stop Shop 
    • Reduce  Paperwork
    • Reduce  Checks
    • Reduce  Salesmen
    • Reduce  Vendors
  • Confidence
    • 38 Yrs. of Experience
    • Knowing Dealer Needs
  • Group Price Advantage
    • Control
    • Costs
    • Managers Time
    • Purchasing